Little Green Herbaria is a collection of botanical art and botanical prints designed to fit perfectly with your natural home and lifestyle.

My first memories of pressing flowers were with my Grandmother, Vivian.  We would sit around her kitchen table and glue the flowers we pressed onto colorful paper to make note cards.  Many years later I found myself living in a small cabin in Alaska making my first official herbarium as part of my new career with the forest service.  Many pressed plants and over a decade later, my botanical work experience merged with my lifelong interest in art.  This collection of work was born in 2016, the same year I gave birth to my daughter, Iris.   

All of my prints are created in my home studio in northwest Montana.   Many of the flowers I use to create the prints are grown in my backyard gardens, others are sustainably collected from nearby forests.   

I hope this work connects you with nature and brings a little joy into your day!